Long time no see! Or so they say......Que Pasa? What's up? How are you......

We have been on hiatus for some time, and we are back now! Renewed with new concept. Specially for You.

A simple quote / motto that inspired us a lot is "Be-youtiful" ~ sort of a spin from the word "being your natural you" is the best way of being you. You just need to show your inner-self, and you don't need to be someone else that you're not. Smile a lot, and treat yourself well, and let your inner-self shine through. You're beautiful you know!

You can find us on our social media, ie. facebook and instagram.

We are also available on Zalora and almost all top market place web-store in Indonesia.

We will have meet-and-greet with you through our pop up stores in A-malls (sorry just Jabodetabek Indonesia for now), the likes of Central Park Mall, Margo City Mall, Puri Indah Mall, and others.

Here's our incoming schedules:

Pekan Raya Indonesia - ICE Serpong from 20th October - 6th November 2016.

We'll be coming back again to Mall of Indonesia, and Central Park soon. Stay posted.

Never give up hope to make you - be-Youtiful! Cheersssssss........


as seen on zalora